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The most common effects arise from THC, and are related to what dosage is taken and how quickly it is taken. To minimize these effects, remember to take the medication as directed. If you’re not familiar with the effects of cannabis, we will instruct you to “Start Low and Go Slow,” meaning that we will start with a low dose and increase it slowly over time.

Similar to other medication usage, you should consider safety issues such as avoidance of driving or other complex tasks until you know how it affects you. Other reported side effects of cannabis may include, feelings of euphoria (“high”), dizziness, lightheaded when standing, distortions of time perception, dry eyes and/or mouth, drowsiness, increased heart rate and difficulty concentrating. In some patients, these side effects may decrease or go away with time.

If you feel you may be experiencing a side effect and would like to discuss it with our staff, we may be reached during business hours at 800-514-3707.


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