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To use medical cannabis, all patients must register with the Program and have their condition certified by a qualified health care practitioner. (Patients must renew this certification annually with a qualified health care practitioner.) In your role as a health care practitioner in the Program, you do not prescribe medical cannabis to patients. Instead, you are expected to assess your patient’s health and:

  • Certify if your patient has a qualifying medical condition; by doing so you attest that you:
  • Have sufficient knowledge of your patient’s history, physical findings and test results to make the diagnosis
  • Are available for ongoing management of your patient’s medical condition
  • Indicate if your patient has a disability that prevents him or her from accessing or self-administering medical cannabis (in this situation, your patient would require a caregiver)
  • Acknowledge a legitimate medical relationship with your patient

Source: Minnesota Department of Health Practitioner Guide


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