Dr. Kyle Kingsley: To make medical cannabis more affordable, allow patients access to marijuana flower

Check out this op-ed in the MinnPost from Vireo Health CEO Dr. Kyle Kingsley about expanding access to more patients.


Minnesota has a highly successful medical cannabis program that is helping thousands of seriously ill patients. We have a program that is effective for the majority of participating Minnesota patients, according to patient data published by the Minnesota Department of Health.

Despite these very encouraging results, affordability remains the major challenge facing Minnesota’s three-year old program. While we’re celebrating our clinical success, we can’t turn a blind eye to the affordability problem.

Our company is doing all we can to keep medicines affordable for as many Minnesotans as possible. We offer substantial discounts to low-income patients and veterans, even though our company continues to lose money. Three years of operational experience have helped our operations to be more efficient. Consequently, we have reduced prices for all of our patients during this time.

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