Minnesota Medical Solutions Announces Agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1189

Minnesota Medical Solutions Announces Agreement with United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1189

MINNEAPOLIS – Minnesota Medical Solutions, a Vireo Health company, today announced the unanimous ratification of a new three-year agreement by their union workforce, UFCW Local 1189.

“This innovative agreement between MinnMed and UFCW aligns business and labor interests and ensures that our employees benefit as our Company becomes more successful,” said Dr. Kyle Kingsley, CEO of Vireo Health. “The agreement underscores our commitment to providing employees with fair wages and great benefits, and will help us recruit and retain the best talent. With that talent, we can provide patients with high-quality products and compassionate care, and also build a profitable business. It is incumbent upon us to lay an economic foundation that will provide employees with the wages and benefits their families deserve and invest in ways that help local economies across Minnesota prosper.”

“We were really pleased to be able to recommend this offer to our members,” said Jennifer Christensen, President of Local 1189. “It is a fair settlement that will ensure that the company is able to recruit and retain exceptional workers. This is important not just for our members, but for the medical cannabis patients in Minnesota.”

The agreement included an extension of the employer’s commitment to cover all costs associated with health insurance through 2017. After that, full-time employees will begin to contribute $5 per week toward the union’s Health and Welfare Plan.

“What is really important is the employer’s commitment to full-time living wage union jobs,” added Christensen. “Part-time jobs do exist but as business expands and hours become available those jobs are transformed into full-time. Minnesota Medical Solutions is leading the way nationally, and it shows in the quality of products and services that our members provide for the people of Minnesota.”

Additionally, there were changes to the paid time off (PTO) policy, an increase in holidays and changes to the mileage and travel time reimbursement system. There will also be an additional position in the bargaining unit for the union.

Vireo Health also has an agreement with its union workforce in New York, being the first medical cannabis company to ratify a labor contract in the Empire State.


About Vireo Health: Vireo Health, LLC is a physician-led company dedicated to alleviating pain and suffering by providing patients with high-quality cannabis-based products and compassionate patient care. Vireo is the parent company of two wholly-owned subsidiaries licensed to operate in New York and Minnesota – Vireo Health of New York and Minnesota Medical Solutions. The Company plans to expand into more states and recently received preliminary approval to cultivate and manufacture medical cannabis in Maryland. For more information, visit www.vireohealth.com.