How to Order Online With Minnesota Medical Solutions

Running short on time? Want to limit the amount of time you spend in public right now?

We understand! Thankfully, MinnMed’s online ordering system lets you take advantage of pre-orders and curbside pickup that can make your life easier and limit your exposure to other people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How can you order online? Check out this quick step-by-step guide to online ordering through MinnMed.

Sign In To Your Account

The first step to placing an online order is to sign into your account. From the home page (or any page on the site), simply click on the “log in” button found on the top right of the page. From there you will be directed to the login page where you can sign in to your account, or make a new account if you don’t currently have one.


Enter the Shop and Choose Location

After you have successfully logged in, enter the shop page by clicking on “Shop” from the menu along the top and then select patient care center on the top left side of the page.


Add To Cart

Check out the menu on the left for easy navigation through all of the items that we currently offer. Begin adding the desired items to your cart by simply clicking the “add to cart” button below the product name.


You can also view a product’s description by clicking the product name, photo or “show details” button. To add product to your cart from the product description page, simply select a quantity and click the “add to cart” button.

Review Your Cart

After you are finished shopping, click the cart icon at the top right of the page to review your order and apply any coupons.

Questionnaire and Pickup Time

Once you have reviewed your cart, scroll down to complete the state mandated questions and choose a time for pickup.

Submit Order

After the questions are complete and a pickup time is chosen, scroll down and be sure to include any special notes (such as “curbside pickup” and the make/model of your vehicle) in the notes before clicking the “Submit Order” button.  Once you have submitted your order, await confirmation to ensure we’ve received your request.


Once you receive a confirmation, make sure to log in to the medical cannabis registry and complete your state mandated self-evaluation before coming to visit us!  We look forward to seeing you soon!