MinnMed Cannabis Patient Centers will soon be called Green Goods!

We are excited to announce that Minnesota Medical Solutions cannabis patient centers (CPCs) will be getting a new look and will soon be called Green Goods CPCs.
Over the coming weeks and months, you will be seeing an updated look and feel to your local Minnesota Medical Solutions location. We will be completing this transformation in 3 stages over the remainder of 2020. Starting soon, our CPC locations will be known as Green Goods! See below for more details about this exciting transformation.
What you should expect to see:
1. New paint and updated colors of the inside of your favorite CPC. This is happening right now, and should be concluded in the month of August. We think you’ll love it!
2. Updating of the Minnesota Medical Solutions logo and signage. The current MinnMed logo will be changing to Green Goods in our existing CPCs later this Fall.You will see this change on both the inside & outside of your local CPC. You can also expect to see some new brand inspired slogans – such as “Thank Goodness” and “Embrace Goodness.” GREEN IS GOOD!
3. New floor plans and interior designs. During the months of November and December, we will have wonderful updates to our existing fixtures and CPC floorplans that allow for an engaging, casual, and overall “good” experience. We will be installing knowledge bars with tablet stations that will allow you to view our menus, order products, and browse our website while you visit. We will also be updating our existing chairs and tables with a fresh new look!
4. Updated packaging for all our medicine and transition all Minnesota Medical Solutions packaging to be Vireo Health. This will happen over the course of 30 days during our transition. Please note that our product line and formulas will be remaining exactly the same, this will only be a change in our packaging.
5. Minnesota Medical Solutions company name will become Vireo Health of Minnesota. While cannabis patient centers will be called Green Goods,  as detailed above, our company will now be called Vireo Health of Minnesota.
Example: Our company will be called Vireo Health of Minnesota; our CPCs will be called Green Goods; and our products will be branded Vireo Health.

What is Green Goods all about?

The philosophy of Green Goods is “Thank Goodness!” Goodness is our brand’s mission and inspiration. Some people equate goodness with a religion or spirituality. Some understand it as more of a philosophy. For some people, it’s just nature. We’re in favor of recognizing all of the above – because goodness eases pain, lifts spirits, and opens minds. So we join our patients in thanking whatever form of goodness works for them.

  • We can ease your pain – whether it’s from an injury, a medical condition, or a mental challenge.
  • We are strong advocates for relaxation, generosity, and helping people live better lives.

Here are some Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Is my medicine changing? No – While we will be re-branding the Minnesota Medical Solution logos on “labels” to say Vireo Health, the medicine and its formulas will be exactly the same as they always have. Example: Minnesota Medical Solutions “red” formulations and products, will be exactly the same – they will just now say Vireo Health.
  2. Will I see my favorite Pharmacist and Personal Care Coordinator still? Yes! You will see the same happy wonderful team members you have come to know and love in your time with Minnesota Medical Solutions. Those same faces will be in the Green Goods CPC. The teams and staff are the same!
  3. Are any of your policies or practices changing? No. At this time we expect to continue to practice as we have in the past with consultations, visits, and the same procedures for dispensing your medicine.
  4. Is the company ownership changing? No. Vireo Health, who has owned and operated Minnesota Medical Solutions for the last 5 years, remain the parent company of MinnMed and Green Goods. In order to improve your experience, we are simply changing the name and updating the look and feel of our CPCs.

We are so very excited to bring this re-branded experience to our patients and our home state of Minnesota! We are hoping you will truly love the changes you see, and leave each visit feeling “good” about your experience with us. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us here or talk to your local care coordinator or pharmacist